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Whether you need architectural and product visualizations to inspire potential investors or graphics and illustrations for presentations, BlytheVisual, LLC, provides a wide range of services to help you achieve the results you require.

  • Architectural Visualization
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Interior Visualization
  • Product Visualization
  • 3D Animation
  • Technical Drawings/Figures (Photoshop and Solidworks)
  • Logo Design (2D and 3D)
  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Basic Flash Animation
  • Print Design

Our Creative Director, Emily Moynihan, will ensure that we not only focus on meeting the technical aspects of your project but also keep an eye to the creative and aesthetic elements to make sure that you have well-rounded, quality results every time.  We give personalized attention to our clients and work with you to meet your creative needs within the budget and deadline you require.


Projects can be estimated either on an hourly or per project basis.  Please contact us for a free initial consultation or with any questions you have regarding our services.



"Emily's graphics work for me has been excellent. She has turned scanned inadequate sketches from me into professional looking electronic diagrams. Emily has always been on time and made extra effort helping me meet deadlines."

     - Dr. Larry Mahrt, Oregon State University

"[BlytheVisual] provided me an incredibly perfect website and super logo for my visual arts management business. Emily provided excellent work at a very reasonable cost and made payments very amenable to my budget constraints. Emily and her team have high integrity and are all wonderfully creative. Emily listened to exactly what I wanted, and she delivered to me 1000%!"

    - Victoria Dickinson, Victoria Dickinson

"In addition to Emily’s competence in helping our non-profit organization keep up to date with our online image as an organization, Emily has excellent communication skills. She asks questions that help us to clarify what it is we want and responds promptly to all requests and questions. She is professional, through and through."

    - Debbie Ingram, Executive Director,
       Vermont Interfaith Action

"The hallmark of BlytheVisual is customer service.  Emily Moynihan has been helping me with visual aids for a long time and has done nothing but great work for me.  She finishes projects quickly, has a good eye for aesthetics, and always asks whether she gave me what I needed."

    - Ed Andreas, NorthWest Research Associates

"[Emily] was very driven, and her animation work was simply amazing. She is very talented and pleasant to work with, and I'm confident that she'll be very successful in her future endeavors."

    - Ivan Lipton, Plimoth Plantation

"One-stop service:  From creating Web sites and business cards to rendering interior design plans for office and home.  BlytheVisual's careful and detailed renderings have saved us time, money, and headaches in our remodeling projects!"

    - Diane Andreas, www.diandreas.com

"Emily was wonderful to work with when designing my business website. She listened to my needs and ideas and translated them into an affordable, visually pleasing and user friendly website. She continues to help me with ongoing modifications and updates. I would recommend Emily to any small business that needs a professionally designed website at a reasonable cost."

    - Michele Wheeler, Care Electrolysis

"If you ever need a visual representation of some idea floating around in your head, either for a client or based out of your own curiosity, you should call Emily.  Emily is smart, innovative, talented, creative, hard-working, and dedicated. She'll take your idea/concept/project and get it done for you!"

    -Jessica Fishwick, Word & Play

"[Emily] meets deadlines, responds very quickly, and completely to requests for information . . . . She is also an excellent communicator, which is very important (and coveted) in this industry - not only to be able to present and "sell" ideas to clients . . . but to present more formally to a large audience in a clear and effective way."

    - Maureen Lawson, Center for Digital
       Imaging Arts

"Emily was great to work with as project coordinator for our team. She easily grasped the technical aspects of the work and was very thorough in keeping track of the ever-changing details of each project."

    - Ross Carlson, Vermont Design Works

"[Emily] took great care to perform these [projects] to my specifications. I can't remember even one bad job. "

    -Terry Lockhart, Finish Editorial

"Vibrant, creative, responsible. . . . "

    - Ted Mandell, University of Notre Dame

"Emily is incredibly responsible, organized, and diligent. She's also extremely thoughtful and a great team player. . . . I always admired her strong work ethic and dedication--not to mention her artistic talent!"

    -Lydia Coleman, University of Notre Dame

"Emily displayed thoughtfulness, kindness, discipline, and generosity with her talents. Her demeanor was consistently professional, upbeat, and collaborative. . . . Her spiritual motivation, collaborative and effective social skills, her personal, engaging spirit, and her exceptional sense of responsibility would make her an excellent colleague."

    - Steven Warner, University of Notre Dame

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